Dear AIIS member,

In order to better help you navigate the complexities of the recently released Department of Commerce (DOC) rules pertaining to product exclusion requests related to the new “232” steel and aluminum tariffs, we are pleased to send you this “do-it-yourself” application information prepared by our counsel, Gary Horlick.

For those of you who have puzzled over the new DOC rules, you can appreciate that they are full of traps for the unwary. We are extremely fortunate to have one of this country’s foremost international trade attorneys prepare a step-by-step roadmap to point out these pitfalls and guide you through a most challenging administrative process.

A significant part of this information was discussed by Gary Horlick and another of our outstanding attorneys, Lawrence Hanson, in the webinar we hosted on this topic last week. This information will also be posted on the members’ section of our website (

Please stay tuned for additional 232-related news, and news about trade-related AIIS events coming up in the near future.

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