October 26, 2018

To: AIIS members and all who work in or with the international steel, aluminum, autos, and auto parts supply chain

From: AIIS Chairman John D. Foster

As I trust you are now aware, the Institute has secured a three-judge panel at the U.S. Court of International Trade to hear oral argument on December 19 in our legal challenge to Section 232. This is both a rare as well as a very positive development which we believe bolsters our chances of achieving an end to the damaging, unwarranted, and potentially indefinite trade restrictions imposed under this statute. As we have noted, our legal team, which is second to none with regard to the constitutional and trade law aspects of this case, is in serious ramp-up mode in preparation for the December hearing.

Support to date has been extraordinary and has taken us to the good place we are in today. While our lawyers, who are exceptionally accomplished, are charging us well below market rates, their services are not free. We are in need of $90-100,000 more in the next two weeks if we are going to maintain the stride and pace that has taken us to this important point.

If you have donated to date, AIIS respectfully solicits a second round of contributions if possible. If you have not contributed to date, please take a moment to calculate what the Section 232 tariffs are costing your business. As an example, of the two port members we spoke with just last week, one is down 50 steel ships this year, while the other is off 30 year on year. These two ports by themselves support a large number of import steel and aluminum related-livelihoods. I would suspect the port you work in or with does as well.

Please consider committing to a contribution now by putting a pen to a check, or initial and commit to a number on one of the lines below so we can take our case all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary. Your support now is absolutely vital in this crucial fight.

______ ______ ______ ________ ______ _______ ________
$2,500 $5,000 $7,500 $10,000 $25,000 $50,000 $ other

All contributions will remain anonymous if desired and are tax deductible as a business expense.

John D. Foster
American Institute for International Steel
Phone: 713-875-1236


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