American Institute for International Steel, Inc.

   Customs Committee Meeting

9:15 a.m. Friday, November 30, 2018

Roosevelt Hotel

Vanderbilt Room

Steven W. Baker, Chair


Update on tariff issues –                      National Import Specialist Mary Ellen Laker, New York

National Import Specialist Angelia Amerson, New York

National Import Specialist April Cutuli, New York

National Import Specialist Ass’t Mark Volpe, New York

NCS Branch Chief Mark Nackman, New York

Recent rulings

Tariff changes

Import Specialist concerns with steel entries

Section 232 Exclusion Request Process

Centers for Excellence and Expertise – Africa Bell, Center Director

Base Metals Center for Excellence and Expertise (Chicago)

Diann Rodriguez, Assistant Center Director – Enforcement

Siadely Meade, National Account Manager (New York)

Section 232, 301 processing and enforcement issues

Account Based Operations

Center Handling of AD/CVD

AD/CVD – Customs Role –              Alexander Amdur,Director, AD/CVD Policy and

Programs Division (DC)

TFTEA Evasion Cases and Policies

AD/CVD audits/audit surveys

Enhanced Collection and Enforcement

How are steel importers performing – CBP HQ Compliance Measurement data

The Broker’s Viewpoint –     Mary Jo Muoio, Senior Vice President, GEODIS | Trade Services

Handling the Section 232/301 Workload

Working with the Centers

Surety Bond Increases


Marking Rules and Section 232 and Section 301 Origin Determinations

Chapter 73 Preferential Origin changes in the USMCA

Trusted Trader Program

Pilot – Trade Compliance Portal

Merger of C-TPAT and ISA

  1. S. implementation of AEO

Minimum Security Requirements


Agriculture Inspections – WPM

Delaware River and Bay Pilot Program

Required Export – B/L Coverage

Live Insect Infestations in IPPC Marked WPM

Short Notes

Drawback Final Rule

Customs “Trolls” – Customs Fraud Investigations, LLC and the Victauliccase – Supreme      Court denies hearing, remanded to trial court, settlement hearing in January, 2019

Kevin K. McAleenan confirmed asCommissioner

Additional Contributor: Lawrence W. Hanson, Law Offices of Lawrence W. Hanson, Houston

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