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Why should my organization join AIIS?

  1. AIIS is the only steel-related trade association that supports free trade.
  2. AIIS effectively advances the elimination of both tariff and non-tariff barriers in the promotion of free trade in steel through its public policy agenda before US and international policy makers and the public
  3. AIIS promotes open markets and free trade inside the Congress and Executive Branch in support of EXPORTS and IMPORTS of steel and the products our customers make.
  4. AIIS is actively involved in international negotiations to promote open markets and free trade around the world, working in support of other like-minded major US and international companies’ efforts.
  5. AIIS has successfully reduced the barriers to steel IMPORTS and EXPORTS, including the elimination of the Section 201 tariff and quota systems and reduction/simplification of EXPORT customs procedures and the elimination of and rebate of EXPORT tariffs on steel.  AIIS works collaboratively with Customs to simplify and make IMPORT procedures and regulations more efficient.
  6. AIIS provides training and education on Customs matters, while working with appropriate government agencies.
  7. AIIS provides conferences and events for networking for both IMPORTING/EXPORTING members and our associate members at educational events held throughout the major steel ports.
  8. AIIS members have the benefit of a 10% discount on subscriptions to the American Metal Market – one of the top metals daily newspapers – and their conferences, which are also excellent networking and educational opportunities.
  9. AIIS delivers Webinars on matters of importance to members on Customs issues, Inco terms, marine and other insurance issues, safety, stowage, shipping terms, bills of lading and credit issues related to EXPORTING and IMPORTING steel.
  10. AIIS has alliances with like-minded organizations, including steel consuming companies to promote free and open trade and less burdensome regulations.

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