Dear AIIS Members & Friends:


It was while re-reading Winston Churchill’s October 1941 speech to the young men at the Harrow School, 343 of whom would later die in battle, that I realized what I wanted to say to you in this letter.


In his address, Churchill noted that an additional verse had been added to one of the School’s songs. The new verse referred to the “darker days” Britain was living through. Churchill gently suggested an altered version. “Do not let us speak of darker days,” he said. “Let us speak rather of sterner days. These are not dark days; these are great days…”


With Britain facing imminent attack by a vastly superior force, how could anyone think those were great days, you might reasonably ask. It is because, Churchill said, “…We have been allowed, each according to our station, to play a part in making these days memorable…” By making them memorable, Churchill meant “making them count in our struggle to win.”


And so it is with us today.


These days of 2020 have, for us, been sterner days. I don’t have to recount them here. You have lived them. Nevertheless, we too can play a role, each according to our ability, in making them count in our struggle, for our livelihoods, for the industry that sustains our communities and our country.


At AIIS, we have kept you informed and engaged with the key issues of the moment. Our March 2020 Steel ConTM event in Houston was perhaps the most substantive we have ever presented. The industry-related information we provided throughout the year was specific and timely, particularly in the Customs area. Our golf events are great opportunities to engage with business contacts, friends, and colleagues. On the 232 tariff front, we fought in court for what we believed, all the way to the highest court in the land. In this effort, we sparked a continuing national conversation about the appropriate use of Presidential authority in our system of separated powers, setting the stage for further efforts in Congress on the legislative front next year.


We can only do this because you stand with us. Your membership means we can keep the lights on and the effort going. Let’s make 2021 memorable. Let’s make it count.


On behalf of all of us, I wish all of you and your families many blessings for a healthy, happy Christmas holiday season.


With my warm regards,

Richard Chriss, Esq. 
AIIS President 
American Institute for International Steel

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